Saturday, September 24, 2016

Recap: Cool Color Palette

It's Saturday, ladies! The weekend is finally here. Let's do a quick recap of the pointers from this week's trend topic... this week on the blog, we've been discussing the cool color palette for the fall and winter!

Riverside and Airy Blue
Described as both cool and calming, these two blues do lend a certain sense of peace and tranquility. Try them with the season's neutrals, or let them pop against a bold color like mustard gold.

Lush Meadow
Deep, verdant, and rich: this color breathes both life and elegance into the season's palette. Invoke the coolness of the ocean, or the lushness of a heady wood, depending on what colors you pair with it.

Bodacious Purple
The most unexpected hue in the palette, Bodacious seems more like a spring and summer choice, than a pick for the fall and winter. It's effect is lively and exhilarating: instantly brighten any outfit!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Friday Surprise!

It's Friday, ladies! Are you ready for the Friday Surprise? Then join us today, for 30% off anything blue, turquoise, or green! Enjoy this quick sneak peek, before you head in... we're loving these brightly colored combinations.

This polka dotted, airy turquoise-blue cardigan
is just too much fun! Dress it up for the office,
or dress it down for the weekend--you pick!

Transition your linen to the fall with a
light jacket and pebbled leather handbag.

The sweater says cozy, but the blue and yellow
color combination says cheery and delightful!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

We're wrapping up this week's discussion of fall's cool color palette with one last color: Bodacious Purple. By far, the very summery hue is the most unexpected inclusion in the fall season's palette. 

Bodacious Purple
Perhaps that's why designers fell in love with this bright and bold purple. It's unprecedented in the fall, which makes it stand out well in color combinations. Bodacious can easily liven up other colors, adding a soft and pretty touch. Pantone suggests pairing Bodacious with Pinks and Reds. And of course, the season's neutrals are always fair game! For a fresh twist, why not match it up with one of the color we've already discussed this week? Bodacious pairs well with Lush Meadow, Riverside, and Airy Blue too! 

Make It Your Own
What do you think of the inclusion of this summery color in the fall color palette? Do you like the potential color combos it presents? How would you wear and pair Bodacious?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back to the Earth

This week on the blog, we're discussing the fall season's cool color palette. Yesterday, we looked at Riverside and Airy Blue... today, let's take a peek at the season's take on green: Lush Meadow. Here are a few ways to wear and pair it...

Lush Meadow
It's deep, rich, and verdant. Pantone describes the color as both "elegant" and "vibrant." You might find yourself thinking of a lush, cultured botanic garden. Or perhaps the dark, shimmering green shadows of an ocean breaker. Highlight the earthiness of Lush Meadow by pairing it with warm neutrals, such as Chocolate Brown or Warm Taupe. Or, invoke the chill and thrill of the ocean by pairing it with sharkskin gray. Try pairing it with Mustard Gold for a decadent approach.

Make It Your Own
What are your favorite ways to wear green? What neutrals do you think it looks best with? Will you wear Lush Meadow this fall?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Feeling Blue

Last week on the blog, we discussed fall's neutral colors. This week, we're focusing on the season's cool color palette. The fall season features two different blues: riverside, and airy blue. Each has its own appeal, and we think you'll like both!

Typically, bright and warm colors like red, orange, and yellow have a certain hotness and excitement to them. But blue lies on the opposite side of the color wheel... and has a very different effect.

Pantone describes this shade of blue as "cool and calming, strong and stable." And it really does possess a kind of serenity. And yet, for all that, it maintains a quiet energy too. It's aptly named Riverside, because it invokes both the tranquility and the force of flowing water.

Airy Blue
This tint is a way in which designers sought "weightlessness in a world heavy with conflict," according to Pantone. Rise above the dreariness... don't let it weight you down. Airy Blue can be an instant mood-lifter, and can bring life to any outfit combination.

Make It Your Own
Experiment with these two forms of blue... how do they look when paired with the season's neutral colors? What effect does Riverside have on Sharkskin Gray? And how does Warm Taupe ground Airy Blue, and bring it down to earth? How do both blues complement Mustard Yellow?

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Keep It Cool

Let's talk color trends, ladies! Last week on the blog, we discussed three of fall's most popular neutral colors. This week, let's look at a few of the cool colors offered by the season's color palette. Check out the whole list from Pantone here!

Four in particular caught our eye... "riverside," "airy" blue, "lush meadow," and "bodacious" purple. Inspired by the lush hues of nature, these four colors can bring a refreshing touch to your fall wardrobe.

Join us on the blog this week as we explore these four colors. We'll discuss how to wear and pair this cool palette, illustrated with examples from inside the Boutique!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Recap: Fall Neutrals 2016

It's Saturday, ladies...
which means it's time for the recap of this week's blog topic. This week, we discussed sharkskin gray, warm taupe, and spicy mustard--three of the trending neutral colors for the fall season (you can find the whole list of color trends from Pantone here). Gray and taupe are both excellent foundation colors that you can ground your wardrobe on. Mustard on the other hand, is a wildcard. This zesty shade of yellow works best as a bright contrasting burst of color.

Sharkskin Gray
This cool tone plays well with muted colors and jewel tones alike. It's by far the most versatile of the three. Use it as a foundation, such as with a gray sweater dress, or gray trousers, and then bring it to life with a bright color.

Warm Taupe
Earthy, organic, and somehow calming... this neutral is rooted in the ground. This color is ready-made for accessories! Hello taupe handbags, heels, and nubby knit scarves.

Spicy Mustard
Think outside the box, or at least a little outside the usual fall neutral color palette. This shade of yellow is full of zip and zing. Use it as a bold splash of autumn goodness, especially in prints and patterns.

Make It Your Own
Which neutral colors are you loving this fall? Is there one in particular that you are drawn to? How do you wear these neutral colors? What are your favorite pairings for sharkskin, taupe, and mustard? And be sure to join us on the blog next week as we continue the  fall 2016 color trend discussion, with three new colors!

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Happy Saturday, Ladies... See You in the Boutique!

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Friday Surprise!

It's Friday, ladies! Are you ready for the Friday Surprise? Then join us today for 30% off anything yellow, gold, or brown! Fancy a sneak peek, before you head in? Coming right up... we're loving how these sweaters and cardigans play right into the neutrals trend for this fall. Which style is your favorite?

Peruvian Atelier - Size S 
This gray zippered vest is the perfect layering piece!
Mix some sharkskin gray into your wardrobe this fall.

I.n. San Francisco - Size XL
This lovely neutral sweater has gold undertones,
and chic lace underlay. Try out gold this fall.

BNCI by Blanc Noir - Size M
Wrap up in this snuggly warm taupe cardigan, and stay cozy
all fall and winter long. Try out warm taupe this fall.

Take a Coffee Break
It's Friday... treat yourself to a coffee break and a snack break at the Boutique! We have fresh brewed Starbucks, and a whole plate of tasty cookies waiting just for you. It's time to start the weekend.